Can I choose the age and gender of a child?

You can certainly express a preference and this will be discussed at length as part of your assessment and induction.

I’m 64. Is this too old to foster?

There is no upper age limit to foster.   What’s important is that you are fit and healthy and have time to dedicate to a child.   There will be a medical assessment as part of your assessment to foster.

I don’t have a spare bedroom but there are two beds in my daughter’s bedroom so can the foster child share this room?

No, a foster child needs a bedroom of their own.

I would like to give up my job to foster but I need an income?

You will receive an allowance for fostering.   All of the things that the child needs must come from this allowance clothes, toys, school meals, trips, activities.   However, there is also a part of this fee that is for you and is comparable to a lot of full time jobs.   This is discussed at the home visit.

What areas do you cover?

We cover Derbyshire, Leicestershire with Rutland, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Northamptonshire.   If you are outside of these areas but within 1 hour travelling distance, it will be worth contacting us for an informal chat.

Where is your office?

Our office is at East Bridgford in Nottinghamshire.    Our Supervising Social Workers live in the areas in which they provide support to Foster Carers so there is always someone close at hand to you.

What training is on offer?

An annual training plan is developed each year with trainers who are considered to be experts in their chosen profession, delivering face to face training.   We ask that Foster Carers attend at least 3 training events a year.   In addition, we offer online training.

I’m in a same sex relationship, can I foster?

We welcome Foster Carers from a range of ethnicities, religions and sexual orientation.      The diversity within our Foster Carers enables us to provide the right match for children and young people, some of whom may be struggling with their sexuality or gender.

Can I continue working whilst I foster?

We expect that one carer is at home to look after the child at all times.   It might be worth having a discussion as sometimes, couples can work around each other or a home working job for less than 10 hours per week that is very flexible might be acceptable.


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